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GREEN Solutions

Solar Energy Solutions

solar energy 

The use of alternative energy sources is a very important issue nowadays due to the fact that more than 170 countries has signed and rectified the Kyoto protocol. Kyoto is a‚ cap and trade‘ system that imposes national caps on the emissions of countries. On average, this cap requires countries to reduce their emissions 5.2% below their 1990 baseline over the 2008 to 2012 period. Although these caps are national-level commitments, in practice most countries will devolve their emissions targets to individual industrial entities.  







Green Electric Car

solar energy 

An Intelligent Electric Fuel Cell Vehicle (IEFCV) uses a battery for traction. After use, the battery can be charged 50% fully automatically in only six minutes and the hydrogen tank can be 100% refuel in that same time in an intelligent charging station. The IEFCV also has a non board charger for the batteries. This is not usually called a pure electric vehicle or fuel cell vehicle. The IEFCV’s top speed is 160 km/h with a 400-500 km Range.








The E4 Programme

solar energy  The E4 Environment Program consists of the 4 following steps:
  • To produce Clean Renewable Energy in Power Station.
  • To save & storage Clean energy in the Energy Storage Station.
  • To transfer the Clean Energy to the Intelligent Electric vehicle in the ICS "Intelligent Charging Station".
  • To use the IEV “Intelligent Electric Vehicle” as a transportation system.