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Global Zolution FZE  is the Sales and marketing office for TellCo Europe in the Middle East and Africa.

TellCo Europe Sagl is a global company based in Switzerland with offices in Switzerland, Spain, UAE and USA.  We provide specialized services and solutions in renewable energy systems and design, as well as production of Solar LED Lighting and Solar Electricity solutions.  TellCo Europe is a leading organization with the ability to design, plan, develop, integrate, supply, and deploy products for Eco and Solar demands. TellCo Europe is a global company that has provided Solar LED luminaries and solar solutions to customers in Europe, Latin America, the Caribbean, North America, Asia, Middle East and Africa We advise and empower Governments around the world that seeks to develop Renewable Energy Sources (RES) as a way of reducing their dependence on traditional forms of energy.

More granular information about TellCo Europe includes the following:

  • Founded in Switzerland since 2008
  • Specializes in the Planning, Designing, Development, Integration, Supply, and Deployment of high quality In- and Outdoor lighting products for ECO and  SOLAR demands
  • TellCo products are CE /UL/ROHS/GS/TUF certified
  • Our factories worldwide  have the ISO 9001 and 1400 certifications
  • 100+ clients in more than 30 countries
  • 45+ partners/distributors/ resellers/service providers worldwide
  • Certified by Municipalities in Europe, Africa and Middle East
  • Create tailor made global finance options for its clients and partners

We seek to becoming your one-stop and total source of supply for Solar and LED solutions with the best quality products, integrated components, and a reliable supply chain. The TellCo Europe label stands for top quality, reliability, competitive pricing, and Best Value. TellCo Europe provides best of breedSolar and LED solutions, and our proven processes ensure flawless deployments backed by an unsurpassed warranty program that undoubtedly leads to sustained total customer satisfaction. TellCo Europe solutions stands for Save Money, Improve Safety, Minimize Maintenance, Reduce Energy and, Reduce Environmental impact (Light Pollution and light Trespass)

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