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Standard product training

If needed, the consultants of Zo-Group can serve your company with all kinds of training. In most cases this training is given to key-users in the organisation.  These key-users can gather the necessary knowledge, after which they can educate their colleagues. In most cases our training is given “on site” in order to simulate the working situation. Training is given to small groups in order to realize an individual approach. Those who are far behind in knowledge can be paid extra attention to the ones with a lot of software knowledge can follow their own track.


Tailor made training

Besides various standard training schedules we offer so called “tailor-made” training programs. These kinds of programs are specially designed for your company in order to simulate your working process and the working process of all individuals within your company. Per employee the training-track is defined, by using the below-mentioned steps and phases:


The basic knowledge

Per employee an investigation will take place about the level of knowledge and the normal way of working. This investigation is needed in order to determine which items have to be learned and how the training should be started.


The preparing phase

After the basic training, each individual will be trained in items needed in the daily work. In fact the employee is educated in the active use of the software.


The linking phase

In this third phase the knowledge of the various individuals is linked by making a business case. In this case the business process is simulated. This phase is needed in order to show employees the links between the various items in the software.


The test phase

With the help of a pre-defined test the previous phases will be investigated. If needed individuals are corrected and helped in order to use the software correct.


The operational phase

After testing the software has to be used “for real”. As soon as this “phase of production” starts our consultants will extensively guide you.