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Online Job Portal


Jobzo Online web portal (JOP)

JOBZO is a web portal service for resumes and jobs worldwide. Our Database offers Resumes of jobseekers from all over the world in all kind of categories who are looking for jobs in the MIDDLE EAST and ASIA.  Our clients are mainly the Fortune top 500 and GCC top 500 Companies, Operating in the area and looking for qualified staff in all industries. Daily many new job seekers join our community and their number is growing rapidly.

  • gives you free access for enter your jobs (special offer) when you have bought a CV package online.
  • We offer you sharply reduced offers for advertisement, banner space and Movies to expose you on the net with your company.
  • Online payments, user friendly and easy access
  • You can search with different criteria’s for your own staff


Job Posting

  • Free Registration
  • Post  jobs online
  • Receive CV alert
  • Receive matchmaking mail

Database Search

  • Resume Search
  • Contact candidate
  • Company Movie


  • Email Marketing
  • Company Movie
  • Banner in the website
  • Banner in Jobzo newsletter 


Jobzo Executive Recruitment (JER)

JER takes care for the recruitment of Executives. We could help you to be more effective into your ever demanding search for suitable candidates for those vacant positions! We are specialized in searching, screening, selecting and placing Executives with more than 5 years working experience who are holding a bachelor or Master Degree. We have specialists in specific fields who can match with your requirements within your branch. Before we can start we would be obliged if we could sign an agreement between both Companies.


Jobzo Online marketing (JOM)

If you are looking for a quick and effective way to let your potential customers know about your new products and services, special discounts, or last-minute sales? Send them a promotional Email by JOBZO. Advertise with!


Sending E-mails (newsletters, enquêtes, press bulletins, reminders, invitations) to Jobzo jobseekers can personalization and targeting your customers, it can effective by increasing sales or extend your brand awareness.


By using the Jobzo database information we have on our registered users, allows you to target your customers in the most accurate and measurable way by using different kind of criteria in our database.


Why Jobzo?

JOBZO makes the match and makes sure the right job seeker is selected for the right job. We could help you to be more effective into your ever demanding search for suitable candidates for those vacant positions! We are specialized in searching, screening, selecting and placing Executives with more then 5 years working experience who are holding a bachelor or Master Degree. We are a simple, fast and cost-effective solution to your hiring needs.


Why are we different?



From our service you only have to gain. And why? Simply because it saves you a lot of valuable time which is always a big issue in all we do! Now you can finally focus on all your other demanding tasks, knowing you do not have to go thru all those resumes to find a suitable candidate for the job! SO, Why not decide to let us do this struggling for you! Let us do the job for you!



Jobzo works different than other recruiters. Many recruiters are restricted to boundaries or countries. Are you looking for a Senior Electrical Engineer from Europe or Middle East or for a Senior IT Project Manager from Europe? Are you in need of Accountants from India or Oil and Gas Engineers from the USA? In all these cases Jobzo can meet your requirements! Not only are we searching with the help of our Jobzo database but we are also connected to a recruiter’s network World Wide. With our IT Infrastructure we are able to act fast on your requirements.



Our Consultants have been working in the same functional areas and due to their own experiences and all the knowledge they have acquired during their own careers, they can put this knowledge into practice for your own special needs! Recruiting from the highest level!


How do we work?

  • Free Registration and Profile!
  • You can Create a Free Jobzo account (FREE Key)
  • You can easily manage your account and profile 24/7 

Job posting

  • Post unlimited jobs for FREE
  • Job postings stay active for 30 days or set your own closing date
  • Your job postings will be instantly posted for jobseekers to see
  • Edit or delete job postings as you require at any time

Daily/Weekly C.V.  Alert by email

  • Receive resumes right to your email inbox (if you choose) daily or weekly
  • Apply Jobseekers directly online Monitor applications to specific job postings   and send Message to Jobseeker

CV Search

  • Search our resume database and contact jobseekers directly

Account Statistics

  • Online statistics about the number of job you can post
  • Number of featured job you can post
  • Number of resume contact details you can view
  • Online Statistics about how many times your jobs was viewed by jobseekers
  • Total number of job applies received
  • Expiration period


Which Area's?


 Functional Areas

Job Categories 

 Sales, Marketing & Communications

 Oil, Chemical, Plastic, Rubber

 Information Technology


 Manufacturing, Logistics & Engineering    

 Engineering, Construction, Electrical, Architecture and Design

 Finance, Banking & Insurance

 Information Technology and Telecommunications

 Human Resource Management

 Banking, Insurance and Financial Services


 Real Estate and Property




 Retail, wholesale, Food and Non Food


 Hospitality, Tourism and Leisure



For more information regarding Jobzo please contact our sales team at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it . We will then connect you to the right JER consultant for your search, or call one of our sales offices. We will visit you free of charge for our Introduction. Please visit our Job portal for more information.