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Accommodation Management System (ACCOZO)

The Accommodation Management System is a system with which companies (not particularly hotels, but also e.g. companies in oil and gas) can manage and maintain their rooms. The system is developed for one of the leading oil companies in the Middle East and is now marketed for general use by other companies.


The Accommodation Management System (AMS) is a system which can perfectly be used by Hotels or organizations making use of private employee rooms / Buildings. Through the Accommodation Management System one can manage rooms, reservations, check-ins, check-outs, maintenance requests, etc.






Main features of Accommodation Management System


User management

Through the User management module one can define all users and their permission. By giving in users and permission one in fact defines the system and makes it ready for use.


Room management

The HMS is based on room insertion. In the room management module one can define rooms.


Guest management

The entire system is also based on guests. In the guest management module one can define guests. One can define the ordinary data (like name and address details) but one can also define various other characteristics.



As soon as a guest wants to visit the Accommodation a room needs to be booked. A reservation needs to be defined. With the Reservation module one can define various kinds of reservations.


Check in / Check out

On arrival of the guest one needs to check-in. On departure one needs to check-out. This module is taking care of this procedure. In the meantime rooms need to be maintained, cleaned and relinquished. This is also taken care of by this module.




Before, during and after the reservation one needs to be able to create report. An inbuilt report generator looks after this process and guarantees excellent reports which are delivered in time.


Reports1 Reports2 Reports3 


Advantages of using the System

Making use of the Accommodation Management System has some huge advantages. The main advantages are:

  • The system is web based and can (if needed) be accessed anywhere.
  • The system is specific made for the labour and staff accommodations which facilitate your workforce and meets the requirements of this industry.
  • The system is user-friendly and can be adopted very soon by your employees.
    The system can be license – free and comes with a good reliable database.
  • Onsite support is provided.
  • By using the system you computerize your accommodation management according to the latest standards.
  • No more manual actions are needed. Errors can be prevented and with less people more work can be done.
  • Fast Return on Investment.  




 A Reference Story:



Abu Dhabi Marine Operating Company (ADMA-OPCO) is a pioneering Oil and Gas producer whose operations date back to the 1950s, and are centered in the offshore areas of Abu Dhabi. Oil and Gas production comes from two major fields: Umm Shaif and Zakum. The crude is collected from these fields; using giant steel structures called super complexes, and then transferred to Das Island, a nearby industrial base, for processing, storing and world export. Das Island is the core center of the company. Many employees are located on this island for working purposes. As soon as one is transferred to the Island an accommodation (room) will be reserved for the particular employee.



ADMA OPCO was facing problems in registering the Room management. By beginning 2005 one therefore made an internal definition study, which specified the needs from the company. ADMA OPCO has been looking for various options of how to computerize these working processes. The company went through a lot of programs and a lot of suppliers and has eventually chosen for the solutions of us. ADMA OPCO had quite some specific request, as the Accommodation Management System (AMS) should exactly meet the needs and demands of the company.



Various suppliers offer all kind of Accommodation Management Systems, which do not fit in Oil and Gas companies. The system as developed for ADMA OPCO meets the requirements exactly and will fit in each Oil and Gas organization. The software was implemented in ADMA OPCO and without any problems. We had guided and trained the various employees in order to make sure one understands the working processes. The training has been given onsite by our consultants and has been adopted positively. In case support is needed this will also be given onsite by our consultants and software experts.