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Sales Promotion



E-marketing hits the eyes of your client immediately for targeting business. E-marketing grabs our audience's attention, and gets your message across with impact. E-newsletters are a great vehicle for small direct marketers. More so than virtually any other online communications, they can level the economic playing field.


What is E-Marketing?


We understand sending going out e-mail campaign under e-mail marketing. Whether it concerns a regular e-mail newsletter or for one-off e-mail action. The advantages of e-mail marketing coincide closely with the properties of e-mail. Below we put all properties of e-mail with the associated advantages for e-mail marketing on a file.



Why E-Marketing?

  • Email is consistently rated as the most popular and most used application on the Internet
  • Email allows your message to be personalized
  • Newsletter can periodically provide the latest product information to customers
  • Relatively low costs
  • Rapidly to essay and send
  • Graphic possibilities
  • A good timing
  • The re punch comes in rapidly
  • More and more people use e-mail


Sales Promotion


Looking for a quick and effective way to let your customers know about new products and services, special discounts, or last-minute sales? Send them a sales promotional email. Sales promotions are widely used in traditional marketing as well, we all know this, and it is an excellent efficient strategy to achieve immediate sales goals in terms of volume. This function counts on the marketer's ability to think creatively: a lot of work and inspiration is required in order to find new possibilities and new approaches for developing an efficient promotion plan. On the other hand, the marketer needs to continuously keep up with the latest internet technologies and applications so that he can fully exploit them.


To conclude, we have seen that e-Marketing implies new dimensions to be considered aside of those inherited from the traditional Marketing. These dimensions revolve around the concept of relational functions and they are a must to be included in any e-Marketing strategy in order for it to be efficient and deliver results.